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Join Hastings Runners

Please fill in the form below to apply for Hastings Runners Membership. By applying for membership you are confirming that you have read and agree to comply with the club codes of conduct and safeguarding policies Club Policies and Codes of Conduct – Hastings Runners.


Club members have various options available at present.

  • Basic club membership costs £20.00 per annum (just £10.00 for over 70s)
  • Under 18s membership is just £10.00 per annum, and includes free entry to the Monday evening track sessions
  • England Athletics’ registration is an additional £16.00 per annum. As a club runner, you can only represent your club in an open race if you have registered with EA and been allocated a unique reference number (URN) … otherwise you will show up in race results as an “unattached” runner
  • So what are the advantages of EA membership? … you pay reduced entry for EA affiliated races; receive discounts from local sports retailers; see for further details
  • As a club we are currently allocated several guaranteed Virgin London Marathon places per year, based on our level of membership. The more EA members we have within the club, the more places we would receive. The marathon draw which is held towards the end of each year is only open to EA members 
  • if you are interested in racing, then the club will be staging a shortened club championship calendar in 2021 of 20 races. This includes 5 “club only” races which are free to club members, featuring the popular Rye to Hastings race which runs through Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and Hastings Country Park
  • In addition, club members participate regularly at Hastings parkrun (the majority of run directors are in fact Hastings Runners) as well as organised trips to other parkruns during the spring/summer. The club has enjoyed considerable success in the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League (this is held over the autumn/winter period); as well as in the Herstmonceux Castle Relays (held in August). The club has a significant number of high calibre Masters runners, and has won medals at the prestigious British Masters National Road Running and Cross Country relays in recent years
  • All club members (including those who choose not to be EA registered) will be recorded on the England Athletics portal. By joining the club you are assenting to your personal data being held on that system. For more information about how your data will be protected, and for any other queries that you may have please email our club/membership secretary Andy Lee (

Nick Brown

'First Claim' if Hastings Runners is your main club (If you already are registered under another club then 'Second Claim').

Water, Water, Everywhere

While we await the official results, I’d just like to say well done to ALL Hastings Runners who joined in or supported others at the Ashdown Forest Cross Country yesterday. As the pictures below show – it was EPIC…

As the car drew closer and the rain beat down ever harder running at all was beginning to look like a daft idea. On arrival, problem A was a herd of cattle taking their time crossing the road.

Problem B was the fact that despite a storm of biblical proportions, every cross-country runner in East Sussex had thought a five-mile circuit of Ashdown Forest was a great idea. Despite car-sharing, all car-parks were virtually full over half-an-hour before the seniors race began.

Not at all keen on seeing how many nano-seconds it would take to get soaked to the skin, I nonetheless followed the advice of the impossibly-keen Martin Noakes and left the comfort of our car, lacing up my running shoes and discovering the answer to the nano-second question was “around 17”.

Wiser folks than Martin and I stood around forlornly wearing waterproofs but we decided to embrace being wet and cold, to ignore the wind, and do a warm-up run. Minutes later I was like an Emperor Penguin, gratefully sheltering amid a throng of eager runners, wondering what the chap with a megaphone could possibly be saying into the teeth of the howling gale.

When those in front began to move away from me it became clear… Suddenly we were 300 crazy people charging along a track through a stand of trees and yelling gleefully as it was no evident that the only option was to get as muddy as we were already wet.

Finally everything made sense. This was GREAT FUN!
Once out of the wood, we could see the main event…. Water, water everywhere – and puddles in which to sink. Muddy water flowed towards us if we ran uphill, across us in countless streams if we ran along a contour, or away from us into ever growing swamps ahead whenever we found ourselves running downhill.

And then it was over. Which meant the weather gods decided enough was enough and instead bathed this magnificent setting, several hundred drenched and mud-spattered runners – and that herd of cattle – in warm sunshine.

You couldn’t make it up, but you could come along next year. Or, better still, to the next event at Snape Wood, Wadhurst on November 28.

Matt Edmonds claims X-Country Title at Pett

On Sunday Matt Edmonds created club history by becoming the first Hastings Runner to win the ESSXCL title and he’s done it with a race to spare.

Matt produced a commanding performance to leave the rest of the field in his wake and land a 4th win of the season to build up an unassailable lead at the top of the standings.  He even did it wearing white socks. I mean who wears white to a muddy x-country venue?

Finlay Goodman won the U13 boys race. That came just a day after he had represented Sussex in the National Inter Counties X-Country at Loughborough. Finlay finished 15th in a field of 300 runners and was the first Sussex Runner across the line.

Despite the challenging conditions the event was a huge success and showcased what a wonderful club Hastings Runners is. Much of the credit goes out to Tim Jury who works tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Well done to the “brilliant and wonderful” (not my words) marshalls, those that helped with the cakes and of course all the runners who completed the event. Results should be in over the next 24 hours.

Pett X-Country Results: Matt Edmonds 29:12, Darren Barzee 32:31, Martin Noakes 32:48,  Neil Jeffries 40:19, Piers Brunning 41:16, Joanne Nevett 43:03,  Simon Fry 45:47, David Bratby 46:11, Peter Noakes 46:58,  Ruth Spiller 50:01, Sylvia Huggett 51:31, Shana Burchett 51:50,  Terry Kitson 54:41,  Berenice Consavela 56:09, Trish Audis 57:35, Amanda Moore 59:54, Yockie Richardson 60:24,  Pam Greenstreet 61:12, Sarah Sellens 61:34, Katerine Cowan 61:35, Jo Edwards 61:45, Judith Creasy 69:05, Irene Kitson 69:06.

The club had a strong representation at Lydd on Sunday as many continue their Spring Marathon training.  13 runners took on the 20 mile route.

Kevin Blowers was the first HR across the line in a fantastic time of 2:47:35. Rachael White, who’d never ran 20 miles before was the first female runner home in 2:56:40. Kevin hasn’t stopped messaging me about getting his photo included in this report. So as promised Kev, here’s the picture.

Leo Cacciatore produced a superb time of 1:27:01 in the half marathon in which we had 6 representatives.

Lydd Results: Half Marathon: L.Cacciatore 1:27:01, M.Turner 1:41:10, B.Sallows 1:45:51, D.Pearson 2:07:06, A.Ballard 2:07:44, J.Hudson 2:12:35.

20 Miler: K.Blowers 2:47:35, R.Cross 2:49:39, L.Evans 2:54:42, R.White 2:56:40, M.Snape 2:57:54, E.Allchurch 2:59:04, S.Trevana 3:313:25, T.Mann 3:14:12, K.Callow 3:31:04, E.Stubbs 3:39:10, N.Lambrou 3:35:12, A.Gardner 3:35:12, S.Wilkinson 3:41:39.

Our club chairman Nick Brown picked up another trophy in Spain, winning the MV60 category in the Beniel International Woman’s Day 5k. There was also success for Helen Brown in the FV50 age bracket.

A week previously Shana Burchett and Amanda Moore took part in the 3rd Race of the Fit Together Canicross Winter-Spring series in Ashford. If anyone is interested in taking part in some Canicross events then please contact Shana.



Club Handicapped 5K Race Results

17 July 2019

Hastings prom

1Sarah Weeks0:31:105:150:25:55
2Tom Mann0:31:268:150:23:11
3Irene Kitson0:31:432:300:29:13
4Matthew Beaver0:31:479:300:22:17
5Ashley Ballard0:31:538:150:23:38
7Harry Ash0:32:0712:450:19:22
8Michael Hamer0:32:0711:450:20:22
9Marie Crawford0:32:096:150:25:54
11Ruth Spiller0:32:125:450:26:27
12Ian Winborn0:32:136:450:25:28
13Victoria Harding0:32:155:150:27:00
14David Witcombe0:32:299:300:22:59
15Ben Kirimli0:32:326:450:25:47
16Simon Fry0:32:357:150:25:20
17Krista Barzee0:32:364:000:28:36
18Jo Edwards0:32:372:450:29:52
19sarah Bendle0:32:389:450:22:53
20benjamin beckley0:32:3913:450:18:54
21Keith Goodsell0:32:408:000:24:40
22robert dennis0:32:409:000:23:40
23Jane Hughes0:32:418:300:24:11
24Adrian Barratt0:32:429:000:23:42
25Susan Rae0:32:439:000:23:43
26David Devlin0:32:4312:300:20:13
27Kieran Price0:32:4413:150:19:29
28Nadia Winborn0:32:453:450:29:00
29Lisa Grass0:32:459:450:23:00
30Paul Burchett0:32:4613:450:19:01
32Andy Knight0:32:4811:150:21:33
33Daniel Oliver0:32:5212:150:20:37
34Marie Appleton0:32:527:300:25:22
35Jacob Wilkinson0:32:5314:300:18:23
36Martin Turner0:32:5412:300:20:24
37susan Andrews0:32:554:000:28:55
38John Simcox0:32:5612:000:20:56
39Kirstie Carlton-Blake0:32:586:000:26:58
40Julia James0:32:584:000:28:58
41victoria sims0:32:596:300:26:29
42Todd Fitz-Hugh0:32:5912:300:20:29
43Jennifer Milnes0:33:005:450:27:15
44Annette Fry0:33:017:450:25:16
45Ben Sallows0:33:0211:150:21:47
46Lucy Akompey0:33:0410:450:22:19
47Neil Jeffries0:33:0412:300:20:34
48Jo French0:33:056:300:26:35
49Michael Grass0:33:0612:150:20:51
50Debra van Aalst0:33:066:450:26:21
51Dan Snellgrove0:33:0714:000:19:07
52Christine Sanderson0:33:083:450:29:23
53Colin White0:33:0914:450:18:24
54Helen Munday0:33:113:000:30:11
55Mark Goodman0:33:1214:150:18:57
56Darren Barzee0:33:1314:450:18:28
57Luke Evans0:33:1411:000:22:14
58William Edmondson0:33:167:450:25:31
59Ben Goring0:33:1710:000:23:17
60Shana Burchett0:33:186:300:26:48
61Ben Spicer0:33:195:450:27:34
62Paul Moir0:33:207:450:25:35
63Terry Kitson0:33:214:300:28:51
64Hannah Hayler0:33:2210:150:23:07
65Jamie Webb0:33:2313:000:20:23
66Andy Lee0:33:2713:300:19:57
67Jacqueline Mannering0:33:338:150:25:18
68darren owen0:33:3511:000:22:35
69Caroline Matthews0:33:364:000:29:36
71Robert Thomas0:33:4010:300:23:10
72Sue Quincey0:33:417:000:26:41
73Glenn Read0:33:4410:300:23:14
74Davinia Hill0:33:465:300:28:16
75Emma Wareham0:33:482:450:31:03
76Tracy Ratnarajah0:33:513:150:30:36
77Catherine Mitchell0:33:545:450:28:09
78Roland Baines0:33:559:450:24:10
79Bernice Consavela0:33:569:300:24:26
80Emily Allchurch0:33:578:300:25:27
81Jessica Cull0:33:578:150:25:42
82Helen Austin0:34:004:450:29:15
83Margaret Balch0:34:014:150:29:46
84Harry Hood0:34:0111:450:22:16
85stephen slater0:34:028:450:25:17
86Steve Uzzell0:34:054:450:29:20
87Eleanor Swaine0:34:076:000:28:07
88Traci English0:34:134:150:29:58
89Gareth Hodges0:34:139:300:24:43
90Luc Bellerose0:34:234:450:29:38
91Darren Pearson0:34:279:450:24:42
92Lucy Brett0:34:293:000:31:29
93Gary Lancaster0:34:307:150:27:15
94Leanne Badrock0:34:335:450:28:48
95Christopher White0:34:376:300:28:07
96Deanne Smith0:34:406:300:28:10
97Alison Leonard0:34:412:000:32:41
98John Nash0:34:502:450:32:05
99Andy Goldberg0:34:525:300:29:22
100Alan Croucher0:35:473:300:32:17
101Henry Worthington0:36:020:000:36:02
102Leigh Yates0:36:135:150:30:58
103Daniel Ratnarajah0:37:179:300:27:47
104Claire Thomas0:37:1811:300:25:48
105Jessica Tanner0:39:131:300:37:43
106Christine Rackstraw0:39:190:000:39:19
107Allison Tanner0:39:205:300:33:50