Eastbourne Half Marathon 2020 Results

Full list of results from the Eastbourne Half Marathon in 2020. Run on the 1st March 2020.

PosRunnerChip Time
5Jethro Atherall1:21:37
11Dale Saxby1:25:53
13Dan Snellgrove1:26:21
18Colin White1:27:56
44Bob Russell1:31:22
47Andrew Watson1:32:23
62Paul Lambert1:34:13
79Simon Newstead1:37:23
135Kevin Blowers1:43:15
188Patrick Bermingham1:47:59
191Michael Norris1:48:09
205Debbie Humbles1:49:20
219Sarah Bendle1:50:08
229Richard Cross1:50:35
n/aRob Thomas1:51:53
310Graeme Grass1:55:48
384Adrian Barratt1:59:59
462Tom Mann2:04:45
473Marie Crawford2:04:49
502Victoria Sims2:06:55
526Marie Appleton2:07:59
535Ben Goring2:09:12
541Darren Owen2:08:41
554Kim Callow2:10:14
593Eleanor Swaine2:11:35
618Deanne Smith2:13:30
643Simon Weatherley2:15:35
652Kirstie Carlton-Blake2:16:28
693Louise Cavill2:19:09
694Daniel Ratnarajah2:19:10
757Terry Kiston2:26:11
771Carly Elliston2:27:53
780Susan Mann2:29:41
857Simon Bendle2:46:09
878Erica Wilson2:52:14
896Christopher White3:08:09

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