Incident Report Procedure

In the event of a club member being involved in an accident or incident, whilst on a club training or race event, the club insurers have asked the club to keep a record on any such incident,so in the event of a claim being made against the club insurance, a record of that event has been recorded.

We will use an Accident Book for this purpose, purely as the format is the type insurers are used to dealing with and provides the basic information of the event, the book will be kept with the First Aid Kit in the changing room at Horntye.

In the event of a club member being involved in an incident on a club night from Horntye, the entry into the book should be completed as soon as the member returns to Horntye, in the event of the person being involved being taken to hospital the entry should be made by the person leading the group, as soon as possible after the event the person involved then can sign the book.

If the incident happens when the group is not lead from Horntye, the entry in the book should be made at the earliest opportunity.
Information required for the book is straightforward, and self explanatory it includes the name of person or persons involved ( this may be include a member of the public if involved), date, time, and where and what happened and any treatment given.

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