Sarah Marzaioli joins the 100 Marathon Club

Ask anyone that has completed one and they’ll tell you the same thing. Running a Marathon is tough. 26.2 miles. It will test you both physically and mentally.

So running 100 is just mind-boggling. That’s a feat our very own Sarah Marzaioli achieved at the weekend. Sarah had hoped to complete the century in London next month. Rather than mope around for the weekend she laced up her trainers and completed the Moyleman Marathon on Sunday.

It just so happens to be one of her favourites. A memorial race for a local runner which is staged over the beautiful South Downs around Lewes.

If achieving 100 Marathons wasn’t special enough, it’s even more an achievement for Sarah who didn’t even take up running until her early 50s.

Among the century there have been 15 London Marathons. At the age of 66 she broke 4 hours for the 6th time around the capital. Amazing!

Last year she finished 5th in her age category at London. The same place Mo Farah finish in his bracket #JustSaying.

Her remarkable journey has taken her all around the World. Running Marathons in Vancouver, Rome, Paris, Istanbul and New York.

She’s even done some Ultra Marathons including the 65 miles from London to Brighton. 82 miles in 3 days to complete the Druid Ridgeway Challenge.

Sarah has been raising money for the RNLI, so please, if you have not done so already, consider making a small donation for this incredible woman.

I should give a mention for Kim Callow as well. Just 7 days after completing the Lydd 20, he also ran the Moyleman Marathon this weekend. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t his 100th though. Come on Kim, keep up.

If anyone took part in any races over the weekend that I missed then please drop me an email and I will add you to this report.

Simon Linklater



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